The College of Home Science and Industry has its humble beginnings as a Department of Home Economics in 1954, a year after Congress passed Republic Act No. 1174 converting the then Central Luzon Agricultural College School to Cental Luzon Agricultural College. By virtue of resolution 405 that was approved by the Board of Trustees on January 18, 1955, a four year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Home Economics was offered.

The BSHE curriculum was revised and approved on April 26, 1979 with major options in Home Economics and Extension Education, Food Processing and Bachelor of Science in Garment Technology. These revisions were implemented during the first semester, school year 1979-1980.

Board resolution No. 1868, s. 1979 renamed the College of Home Economics to College of Home Science and Industry, with the aim of making the name more relevant with the philosophy and goals of the University and to the goals and objectives of the College.

In cognizance of the demands of scientific and technological changes and the country’s need for more effective manpower resources, courses in Food Technology and Textile and Garment Technology were instituted. These courses effected the present departments are: the Department of Food Science and Technology, the Department of Textile and Garment Technology and the Department of Home Economics Education and Extension, each offering a degree program.

Aside from the degree program offered by the Department of Home Economics Education and Extension, it also runs a kindergarten in the campus, primarily catering to children of faculty and staff. Its operation started in 1982.

In response to the nation’s and the university’s thrust toward agro-industrial development as well as to Executive Orders and Letter of Instructions some revisions in the curricular programs were undertaken which included inception of certain courses for institutionalization.